Porsche Carrera Cup

A resonable education, as well in motorsport an in „real life" is shown be the young racing driver. The skilled banker reached as one of the first junior drivers of BMW Formula Junior the basic education in motorsport. After several Formula 3 races, most with small budget, it is now the learning and education year in the Carrera Cup. With his round and clean style of driving, which is a big goal in rain he is looking for top 10 results.

engine – fine tuning

engine – fine tuning
With engine capacity of 3,6 litre, six cylinder engine
and had 390 PS (287 KW) at 7.200 rpm.
The maximum torque is 390 Nm at 6.500 rpm.
The engine performance and power to weight ratio (4.19 kg/kW)
surpasses all predecessors in the history of the Porsche make cups.



Again the standard road car gearbox of the Porsche 996,
the ratios from 4th to 6th gear have been shortened.
With this change Porsche reacted already in 2003
to the changes in the circuits (shorter straights - old GP circuit Hockenheim).
As well the acceleration in the higher gears has been improved.

suspension – even more percise

suspension – even more percise
The adjustable suspension (ride height, camber, toe)
of the 911 GT3 Cup car with the two-way adjustable bump
and rebound Sachs-gas pressure-shocks and the adjustable
roll bars opens a big range of adjustments for the fine tuning.
Helpful and necessary in a hard fighting championship as the Carrera Cup.



Through the application of carbon fibre and other plastic
materials the weight of the 911 GT3 should come about 1,150kg.
So i.e. all screens except the windscreen are made of plastic.
The engine cover, the rear bumper and
the doors are made of carbon fibre. The weight of the doors
with mirrors, which in 2002 still showed 9,500 grams
on the scale is now down to 6,000 grams.
Already eight kilos could be saved through carbon fibre
rear bumper. The rear wing can individually be adjusted.
A better in car air flow with new rear side screens gives
the driver a better working atmosphere in the cockpit
and a better view during wet race. The padding of the roll cage
is up to the latest FIA regulations. Through a change on the
seat brackets the use of the safety system
HANS - Head and Neck Support System is now possible.
In order to give the car as much racing possibilities in
sprint- and endurance racing the race department equipped the car with a 89L fuel tank

tyres – the black gold

tyres – the black gold
The Michelin tyres are identical in size and
compound for all the drivers. It is not allowed to heat
them or do any chemical procedure with them.
Per car and weekend for qualifying and race a maximum
of the new slicks for the front and three new slicks
for three rear is allowed. The amount of rain tyres is not limited.