Great performance and misfortune: Falken Motorsports starts from 3rd position in second VLN race


Great performance and misfortune: Falken Motorsports starts from 3rd position in second VLN race

Again starting from a top spot – third position – Falken Motorsports launched into the second race of the VLN season in superb form. But a solid performance was cut short by another malfunction: Irreparable damage to the drive shaft forced the team out of the race in the 13th lap.

An excellent qualifying – this time delivered by drivers Peter Dumbreck and Sebastian Asch – secured Falken Motorsports an excellent third position in the starting grid. Despite the occasional light rain, the team relied on slicks – a decision which proved to be the right one. In his usual assertive style, Peter Dumbreck had the Porsche running as if on rails up until the eighth lap, briefly dropping back to seventh position before he worked his way back to fourth, hot on the heels of the lead trio. A scheduled pit stop in lap eight saw Sebastian Asch take the wheel. With the track gradually drying off and even few beams of sunlight reaching the cold Eifel valleys, Asch had his foot firmly on the pedal and the tyres virtually glued to the asphalt. Then, driving through the Döttinger Höhe section in lap 13, déjà vu struck: As in a replay of events two weeks prior, damage to the drive axle forced the team back into the paddock – spelling the end of this race for the Falken team. “We performed extremely well and were able to put the car’s power to work on the track perfectly. Thanks to KW’s assistance we also optimized the chassis set-up. Third position in the starting grid is an important achievement for us. The qualifying really put us through our paces and we again demonstrated that we are worthy of a place on the podium,” team head Sven Schnabl remarked. “All the more disappointed I am about us having to drop out prematurely. But, as the saying goes: Glitches at the dress rehearsal make for an even better performance at the show.”

Five weeks to go to 24h-Race!

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