Fastest lap, pole position and bad luck for Falken Motorsports


Fastest lap, pole position and bad luck for Falken Motorsports

Sensational success for the Falken team. With a surprising performance, on Saturday afternoon the Falken Motorsports team started in the pole position of the 59th ADAC Westfalenfahrt, the opening of the VLN racing season. With all types of weather conditions and extremely fast lap times – the Falken team had the fastest lap of the VLN race with an average speed of 174.157 km/h – the Slicks, Intermediates and rain tyres were able to stand up to extreme conditions. Then there were technical problems only a few laps into the race: Jostling forced the Falken Porsche into the box in lap 4, and again two laps later with drive shaft problems. The drive shaft had to be completely replaced, putting the team in 139th place in the final standings.

"Of course, the qualifying also served as an initial way to determine our position with a view to the 24 hour race", explains experienced Falken expert Wolf Henzler. "Our entire team has made enormous progress in the past year, which we were able to showcase. Going by performance, everything was perfect; the tyres were glued to the asphalt, allowing us to complete extremely fast laps during the qualifying. The pole position was the appropriate reward. After that, it was just bad luck."

The team viewed the opportunities to test the new Falken racing tyres as very positive. The race offered all types of asphalt conditions – from a dry to very wet track, making it possible to use Slicks, Intermediates and rain tyres.

"The replacement of the drive shaft in only 40 minutes was a real master performance on the part of the box crew", says team manager Sven Schnabl. "Every movement was perfect. Even if we would have liked to do without the technical challenge, we at least know that everything will be done perfectly in such cases."




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